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Refill Toner supply discount toner refills for your laser printer cartridges. Refilling empty cartridges with our refill toner saves money and recycles your cartridge. Our refill toner is quality toner which allows you to refill your toner cartridges several times.

Save money! - Do it yourself - Fast and easily !

For many models you just pull out the plug and pour the refill toner in through the funnel top we supply. Simple! No mess!

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Compuprint PAGEMASTER 1600C 16PPM Colour refill toner

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Compuprint PAGEMASTER 1600C 16PPM Colour refill toner
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Compuprint PAGEMASTER 1600C 16PPM Colour refill toner
Refill toner bottle with screw on funnel top.


Square The Compuprint PAGEMASTER 1600C 16PPM Colour is one of a range of models sharing a common "engine". These may be badged by different manufacturers. They have the following range of cartridges.

Genicon CL160X-AYCL160X-AM CL160X-AC 6k CL160X-AA 8k5 BLK, Epson C13S050088 C13S050090 C13S050089 C13S050091 8k BLK, Brother TN-11C TN-11M TN-11Y TN-11BK

Square Do not be concerned if the refill toner for your Compuprint PAGEMASTER 1600C 16PPM Colour has what appears to be an unrelated name. This is because of the sharing of the engine between different makes and models.


The Compuprint PAGEMASTER 1600C 16PPM Colour is refilled with the "Twist and Pour" fill method

Square These are general instructions for this fill method. We supply specific instructions for the majority of printers with the toner. Simply open the Compuprint PAGEMASTER 1600C 16PPM Colour toner port and pour the toner in through the place where it comes out from.

These cartridges have an end cap that twists open when you install the cartridge into the printer. Normally it is closed to stop the toner spilling out. You hold the toner cartridge upright on its end, with the end cap at the top. You twist open the end cap in the same way as when you install the cartridge in the printer. Overall these cartridges are extremely easy to refill.

Twist open

First of all prepare your worksurface. Cover your work surface with some newspaper. You may choose to wear latex gloves or use a dust mask.

These cartridges normally have separate photoconductor imaging drum units. Take care not to touch or damage the imaging drum on the bottom of the photoconductor drum unit. Greasy marks or nicks in the surface will ruin the print quality. The OPC drum is light sensitive. Do not expose it to normal office lighting for more than 10 minutes.

Hold the cartridge upright on its end with the end cap at the top. Undo the latch on the end cap. Twist it open so that the toner port is open. If the funnel that we supply with the toner is too large, you may need to make a smaller funnel out of a piece of paper.

Give the toner bottle a good shake to get air into the powder so it flows easily, remove the top and seal and screw on the spout-shaped cap supplied with the toner.

Pour slowly into the toner chamber and be careful not to squeeze the bottle hard.

Leave an air space at the top. We may supply more or less toner in the bottle than your cartridge can contain. Do not overfill. Ensure that there is at least 5cm of space above the toner with the cartridge on its end.

Wipe any loose toner off the outside round the hole with a duster and then close the end cap so that it does not leak.

You may need to empty out the waste toner from a separate waste toner compartment in the toner cartridge. See the instructions provided. If you do not empty it, you can permanently damage the photoconductor drum unit. The imaging drum unit and transfer belt may have separate waste toner collectors. You should empty these at the interval suggested in the printer's instructions.

Replace the cartridge into its plastic bag. Clean away any spilt toner and you are done!

Note that you have done nothing to disturb the cartridge so if it had packed up because it had run out of toner you should have it back in action without affecting any components.

We suggest you always have at least one spare refilled cartridge ready to be used in your machine as you do not want to have to refill a cartridge in the middle of a print run.

We also suggest that you always have one spare new OEM or remanufactured cartridge as well. Your refilled ones will go on beyond their first life and will save you money.......but they will not go on for ever! Sooner or later something will deteriorate inside and you will need to start another one.

You can often re-use photoconductor drum units. If the print quality is good when it reaches the end of its rated life, you should try to re-use it. Sometimes you have to reset it by replacing a chip or fuse. You should always empty out the waste toner when you re-use the imaging drum. We often provide instructions to do this. For some models this is collected in a separate waste toner collector. This usually has a shutter that you open to empty it out. For many models the waste toner is collected in the waste toner chamber encorporated into the photoconductor drum unit itself. You drill a large hole into the photoconductor drum unit using an electric drill. If the waste toner builds up it permanently damages the imaging drum. We recommend emptying it each time you re-use the imaging drum. This ensures that you will not have a problem. When the OPC drum eventually wears out you get a light print with faded vertical bands. You must decide for yourself when it is time to start another one. You can usually reuse it once or twice.

Killer Chips

You have probably got the idea now that the manufacturers are doing their best to protect their large toner cartridge profits from people like you who want to refill their own cartridges and from the remanufacturers who offer a better priced replacement. In recent years they have added electronic chips to some cartridges which monitor how much toner is left. It would be fine if that was all they did but some of them also close down the machine when it goes low....... and refilling it won't reverse that. So for some machines you need to screw or plug in a new chip before your refilled cartridge will work. We either supply the chip with the toner where it is always needed or else, where one chip lasts for several refills, we draw your attention to it so you can buy it separately .

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