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Refill Toner supply discount toner refills for your laser printer cartridges. Refilling empty cartridges with our refill toner saves money and recycles your cartridge. Our refill toner is quality toner which allows you to refill your toner cartridges several times.

Save money! - Do it yourself - Fast and easily !

For many models you just pull out the plug and pour the refill toner in through the funnel top we supply. Simple! No mess!

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Nashua Aficio CL-4000 compatible chiptonertopup urefill laser printer ink cartridge recycling resetter free disposal hp brother canon lexmark

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Nashua Aficio CL-4000 refill toner
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Chips come in many shapes and sizes. This one is the type with electrical contacts.

Information on Toner Refills

Nashua Aficio CL-4000 chips Most toner cartridges can be refilled several times before essential components begin to wear.

reset chips The print quality is normally excellent after the first refill. Eventually when something does go wrong with your Nashua Aficio CL-4000 prints, you may decide for yourself when its neccesary to start another cartridge.

chip resetterHowever most printers are programmed to lock out when the cartridge reaches the end of its rated life. You will need to replace the chip to reset it and continue printing.

ink cartridge Refilling is a great way to protect the environment! Save significant raw material, waste and energy by reusing your laser consumables. This is the optimum form of recycling.

recycling The Nashua Aficio CL-4000 can be refilled and is one of a range of models sharing a common cartridge type. Note: this is not an inkjet model. We do not supply inkjet inks or resetters.

There are also radio frequency (RF) type chips.

What is a Printer Chip?

hp brother disposal Smart chips are used to store toner cartridge usage information, as well as specifics used to authenticate the laser cartridge type.

freeMost printers are set to lock out and stop printing once they detect that the toner has reached the end of its rated life.

emptiespleaseYou may reset your Nashua Aficio CL-4000 cartridge by replacing the used chip with a compatible chip from EcoStar. This enables you to refill the toner and carry on printing. Its the most efficient way to recycle it.

Killer Chips

You have probably got the idea now that the manufacturers are doing their best to protect their large toner cartridge profits from people like you who want to refill their own cartridges and from the aftermarket suppliers and remanufacturers who offer a better priced replacement. They have added electronic chips to most laser cartridges which monitor how much toner is left. It would be fine if that was all they did but most of them also close down the machine when it goes low....... and refilling it won't reverse that. So for many machines you need to screw or plug in a new chip before your refilled cartridge will work. We supply compatible replacement chips from the EcoStar online store.

Some of these chips have electrical contact which connect with a connector inside the printer. This is the most common type. There are also radio frequency (RF) type chips. These have no connections. They usually are contained in a slot or holder on the cartridge. Replacing the chip is straightforward. The compatible chip is the same size and shape as the original one. It simply fits in the same place on the cartridge.

You will also need powder to top up the cartridge. There are many types of toner and each one is a different formulation. Its important to use the correct type that's specifically formulated for your printer's engine. High quality compatible bottles are available from TonerTopUp. These are equivalent in quality to the OEM formulation, and we guarantee that it will not damage your printer.

View our TonerTopUp toner bottles for the Nashua Aficio CL-4000 and order online!

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Compatible smart chips for resetting are available from EcoStar Printer Chips

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